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My name is Nikki Dunn…
I talk to a lot of people who feel unsure if they’re doing the right things with their money. They feel lost on what to do AND who to trust. If you're lacking confidence in your investment strategy, let's build a plan that restores your peace of mind.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, I can help you get clarity by cutting through the noise and focusing on strategies that truly work for you.
You see, after growing up broke, I became a multi-millionaire investor by age 30…

And over the past 10 years, my passion has been helping thousands of people build wealth and create financial freedom the right way.

Unlock the Power of the  "Do This With Your Money" Guide & Bonuses

Forget the conventional financial advice that's cluttered with jargon, complex theories, and impractical suggestions.

"Do This With Your Money" is not your typical financial guide filled with outdated advice or overwhelming data.

Instead, it's a revolutionary approach designed to demystify the world of finance and set you on a clear path to prosperity.

I wrote “Do This With Your Money” to guide you through six straightforward steps that’ll help you get clear on EXACTLY what to do with your money so you can:

  • Maximize your monthly cash flow
  • Build wealth through investing
  • Design your dream retirement
  • ​Create a family legacy plan
  • ​Legally pay less taxes
  • ​Destroy debt quickly

Transform your financial life with step-by-step guidance, inspirational success stories, and interactive journal prompts in each chapter, designed to keep your goals in clear view and your progress on track.

Why Choose “Do This With Your Money”?

  • ​Direct to the Point: No more wading through endless theory. This book is about action—practical steps you can take immediately to transform your financial situation.
  • ​Real Education: The lessons we all missed in school, now delivered to you. I give you the information that will have a meaningful impact on your life.
  • Strategically Structured: Every chapter is meticulously crafted, presenting topics in their order of importance, ensuring you build a healthy financial foundation, step by step.
  • ​Professional Guidance: It's like having a financial planner in your pocket. Through thoughtful questions and scenarios, we delve deep into your finances, illuminating areas you've never considered.
  • ​Spotlight on Blind Spots: Identify and address potential financial pitfalls before they become issues, with expert insights guiding you every step of the way.

Build Confidence in Every Financial Decision:

  • Cash Flow Clarity: Cash flow is the vehicle that helps you grow your money. You’ll learn to plug cash flow leaks so you can reach your goals quickly. 
  • ​Uncover Your Money Strengths & Opportunities: Knowing where you’re doing okay will help you focus more on the opportunities that you need to spend more time on. 
  • Debt Demolition Techniques: Discover eye-opening ways debt holds you back. Uncover more efficient ways to tackle debt, freeing you from financial burdens and paving the way for the wealth accumulation stage
  • Retirement Planning, Simplified: Gain access to straightforward “chill-tirement” planning methodologies that demystify the process and give you peace of mind that you’ll be okay.
  • ​Investment Wisdom: Grow your investing knowledge and start building a portfolio with more confidence.
  • ​Keep More Of Your Income: Uncover tax-saving strategies that ensure you keep more of what you earn, boosting your net worth.
  • ​Inspiration Through Stories: Motivate your financial journey with relatable success stories, illustrating the transformative power of sound money management.
  • Language You Understand: Complex concepts broken down into simple, jargon-free language, making financial wisdom accessible to everyone.
  • ​Journey Personalization: With journal prompts designed to reflect your unique financial journey, this book becomes a personalized plan for your success.

Embrace the financial transformation awaiting you with "Do This With Your Money" and turn the page to a richer, more secure future.

What Readers Are Saying...

Wealth Building Bonuses With Your Book Purchase

Wealth Building Quick-Start Guide:

  • Essential Wealth Principles: Unpacks key financial concepts in an accessible way, setting the stage for you to build wealth with knowledge and confidence.
  • ​Foundational Insights: Provides you with the critical tools and insights needed to develop a robust plan for financial growth, based on universal wealth-building strategies.
  • Set & Prioritize Goals: Set clear, actionable goals for you to start your wealth-building journey. 

Financial Planning Checklist:

  • Guided Financial Steps: Offers the clarity of sitting with a financial expert through a structured checklist, guiding you through essential financial planning steps at your own pace. Pair the checklists with each “puzzle piece” you learn about in the book chapters.
  • Clear Financial Roadmap: Simplifies the financial planning process with a step-by-step guide, helping you maintain focus on your financial goals without the guesswork. 
  • Milestone-Based Progress: Provides a structured approach to achieving financial goals, encouraging progress through clearly defined steps and educational insights.

"Fast-Track to Financial Freedom" Master Class:

  • Eliminate The Guessing: Takes you through the financial education you should have had in school. Get to the main educational points that will make the largest impact on your financial life. 
  • Proven Financial Strategies: Translates financial theories into practical knowledge, offering strategies and insights that can be applied to your financial life.
  • Insights from a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™: Delivers valuable knowledge distilled from extensive experience in the financial field, designed to empower your financial decision-making with education.

Grab Your Copy of “Do THIS With Your Money”

And Have it Delivered Straight To Your Door For Just $7.95

Here's Everything You Get With Your Purchase Today:

  • My brand new book, packed with six step-by-step wealth building lessons shipped directly to your door
  • ​BONUS 1: Wealth Building Quick-Start Guide
  • ​BONUS 2: Financial Planning Checklists
  • ​​BONUS 3: “Fast-Track To Financial Freedom” Master Class

Plus, your purchase is covered by a 100% money-back guarantee

If you buy the book and hate it, we'll give you every cent of your money back, and you keep the book and the bonuses... simple as that.
This isn't just a book; it's an investment in your future. With "Do THIS with Your Money," you're not just reading—you're taking the first step towards a richer life. Order your copy now and find yourself a more confident investor and on the way towards building more wealth.

Nikki Dunn, CFP ®

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